First Impressions: Yuki Yuna is a Hero

My last first impressions of the season, what have we got?

Hey, ever wanted magical powers? To defend humanity from inter-dimensional monsters? Well now you can with this handy app!

Ok, that aside, let’s talk about the show. The first half of the first episode really wasn’t holding my attention. It was just your typical slice of life/school comedy thing. Then time froze, the sky peeled back and our heroes entered a strange new world.

So far this series isn’t exceptional, but it’s a lot more interesting than that first half of episode one was. The characters are all good, the animation is nice, the fights are exciting and there’s some good designs for the monsters.

Wait a minute, a group of magical girls, beautiful painted backgrounds, silent malevolent monsters…oh my God! This is Madoka Magica! Quick battle stations! Snipers keep an eye out for Kyubey. You see so much as a hair of that hell weasel and you take it out. I want its head mounted on my wall!

Sorry, I really hate Kyubey after what it did to those girls in Madoka Magica. Though saying that, Madoka Magica is one of my favourite anime so you have my attention Yuki Yuna, don’t waste it.

I don’t just want to see a repeat of Madoka though (my heart wouldn’t be able to take it), and from what I’ve seen so far this show could only pass as a pale imitation. I hope this show finds a new angle to come at it from, something unique to itself.

Saying that, I’ve just watched episode 5 and they’ve already hit the season finale. They’ve beaten the last monster, got to show off their mega levels and saved the world. Victory has been declared. So what exactly is the rest of this season going to do?

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