If You’re Intereseted…

Who wants to have a short story published? Got your attention? Good. This is really just a quick shout out for any fellow writers of science-fiction and fantasy.

For those that don’t know, I’m a member of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantsy Writers Group (I’m sure I’ve posted a few shameless plugs whenever I’ve got a short story in one of their anthologies). Well, this year the group has opened up submissions for their next anthology, Ages of Escafeld volume 4, to, well, everyone. All the details on how to submit as well as links to more details about the open world the anthology is set in can be found HERE.

So if you’re interested at all, check out the site and drop the group an email (which can be found in the link above) if you want more details. Or you can pass the link around if you think a friend would be interested.

I’ve got stories in all the Ages of Escafeld anthologies and it’s a lot of fun to write for.

Back with a review of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes on Friday!

Hey! I was on the radio!

I’ve hit a milestone, not one I was expecting to hit, but somehow that makes me even prouder, and a bit more gobsmacked, that it happened.

For those that don’t know, outside of sitting around and watching endless anime and then talking about it on here I do actually write science fiction and fantasy stories. I’m very much still working out this whole writing thing, but I have had a few short stories turn up in anthologises which were put out by my writer’s group.

Anyway, today the wonderful people at Write Radio, a part of Sheffield Live one of my local radio stations, actually aired one of my stories from the upcoming Ages of Escafeld Volume 2 anthology. It’s kind of amazing to hear someone else reading out my work and all the added sound effects are great. If you want to listen to it then you can visit the Write Radio site HERE

My story is in the second half of the 1pm podcast from today (Friday 16th March). Now I realise this post has just been one long shameless plug, so in order to assuage my guilt over inflicting that on you I will recommend listening to the whole of today’s podcast as there are some great stories, especially the one about the quantum cat! Plus some great interviews. If you’re in anyway interested in writing then check out these podcasts.

One last plug though, the anthologies I’ve appeared in can be found here *hint**hint*

Okay, self promotion over I’m outta here. See you next week for more ramblings about anime!

Ages of Escafeld

Hello! Bet you weren’t expecting a post today, well there’s a reason for that, I’ve got some shameless plugging to do,

Now I’ve mentioned before that I’m apart of the Sheffield Science-Fiction and Fantasy writers group (We basically sit around in the pub and read out our stories to one another and, yes, I know we need a shorter name).

Anyway, last October we held an event where we invited new writers to join us in putting together an anthology of short stories set in the world we’d forged (though a lot of the hard work was done by our resident fantasy genius Matt.) It covers a whole bunch of genres from high fantasy to urban fantasy and right through to some good old science fiction.

I’ve got two stories in the anthology and there are many talented writers and some fantastic newcomers that have all contributed. We’ve even got a foreword by Theresa Derwin! I’ll pop the blurb down below and if it catches your interest you can purchase it on amazon at the link below, or just search ‘Ages of Escafeld’ on Amazon. We want to hold more events, collect more stories and just share our world with people.


Beware of Sleeping Dragons. They dream of a world not our own… Welcome to Escafeld, a city in the northern lands of Terra. Although Terra might look like the real world in places, I assure you this is purely coincidental. This is a collection of tales from throughout Terra’s long and varied history; from the clashing of Empires and Dragons in the Age of Dreams; the rise of technology and tyranny in the Age of Hammers; the modern mysticism of the Age of Spirits; and finally the Age of Infinity, when Terra reached out to the stars. This book is the product of the Sheffield Science-Fiction and Fantasy writers group, who organised an event for new writers as part of the Off the Shelf Festival in October 2016.

Also, on a side note, you finally get to see my world and my characters and stories can be criticised for once.

Word Count 6: The Disappearance of 5

Err…well…yeah…you see…the thing is…

Ok, ok I admit it, you caught me, I forgot to do this at the start of last month. Yeah, I don’t really have an excuse or an explanation. I mean I was just finishing up the reviews for the mountain of anime reviews that I still haven’t finished posting, but since then I’ve been working on the final draft of my novel and a couple of short stories, so it’s not like my workload is anything different this month.

Anyway, on to the actual post. For those not in know, me and the rest of the guys at the writer’s group that I’m apart of are trying to write a million words collectively in a year. My total for April was 33,071, and my total for last month was 31,184, so bumper months all round. That takes the total for the group up to 539,168, so yep, we’ve hit the halfway point of our target and have 5 months to fill out the rest. It’s looking good I’d say.

Check out the group’s blog here for tips from the group and open submissions.

And check here for details on an event the group will be holding in Sheffield in October. Write a Book in a Day people, and even though we’re still getting everything organised and nailed down, it’s looking pretty exciting.

Hopefully I won’t forget next month’s update, see you at the next post!

Word Count 4: Really Struggling To Come Up With Clever Subtitles Now

Time to check in on my word count for the month, and to see how close myself and the members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group are to writing a million words in a year.

All together we’re managed a total of 46,677, so almost a small novel, or a lengthy dissertation as I flashback to my University days. That makes the running total 289,302 since we started, leaving only 710698. It almost sounds easy when you write it like that.

My personal word count for the month is 19,888, so I’m back on track after a few months of my total steadily decreasing. We’ll have to wait ‘til next month to see whether this is just a blip or not.

Check out the writer’s group blog here for posts full of writing tips and news on conventions, open submissions and the like.

There’ll be another update in a month. See ya.

Word Count 3: Under the Editor’s Knife

Another month and another update on the mad scheme put forward by the writer’s of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group to write a million words between us in a year.

So far all together we’ve managed 242,625, so that leaves 757,375 to go. I think we’ve made pretty good progress almost making it a quarter of the way there. It’s quite amazing to think of how far we’ve come, if only because it stops me thinking about how far there is left to go.

On a personal level my word count for January was 18,037, so my monthly total is going down bit by bit. I can put this down to the fact that I’ve spent most of this last month giving the daft of my first novel a once over as opposed to writing much new stuff. So there’s been a bit more quality and less quantity, at least I hope there’s been some quality.

Head over to the group blog here to check out how everyone else got on with their word counts. Back in a month for another update.

Word Count 2:Revenge of the Punctuation

Month two of me and my fellow members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group mad scheme to write a million words between us in a year.

The running total is 188,331! Only 811,669 to go!

Personally my word count for December is 19,497, which looking at that and November looks like I can write about 20,000 words a month. Let’s see if I can keep that up for January.

Check out how everyone else did here.

Now excuse me while I go lie down.

Word Count Update

Ok, last month I announced on the blog that me and my fellow members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group were attempting to write one million words in a year. It’s been a month, so it’s time for a monthly update to see how we’re all doing.

My word count for November is 21917. I have no idea whether this is good or bad for me. I’ve spend more days writing, but I’ve been writing in shorter busts due to life trying to drag me out of the house (You’ll never take me alive!)

We’ll see how much I manage to write over December. To see how everyone else did go check out their totals on the group’s blog here.

(Also this post is now 133 words for this month’s word count!)

Want to be a Writer? Check out these guys!

Ok I did mention in my last post (here) that I belong to a writer’s group. Basically we all get together, read our stories to one another, offer advice and generally have a laugh. If you want to become a writer the best advice I can give you is to find one such group in your local area and check it out. These guys have been a great help and support to me and my fledgling writing.

The reason I’m telling you this is that the group has, finally, got the old blog up an running again. The latest post is by yours truly (here), with a couple of other posts already up and more on the way. The site should update every wednesday and saturday. If you have aspirations for being a writer, check it out for some useful tips. That’s all for now, back tomorrow with a review!