Word Count: This Time This Year

Okay, this one’s kind of gotten away from me over the past few months. Last year me and my fellow members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group set out to write a million words between ourselves in a year. We started in conjuncture with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and now it’s a year later and NaNoWriMo is upon us again.

Of course a lot can happen in a year and in fairness the last few months have been rather hectic as our little group did hold our own event for a day in Sheffield. It was a bit like a convention in a day, we had some talks from Theresa Derwin, we had workshops and in the end offered up a shared world we’d put together for people to write short stories about (Which will all hopefully be coming out in an anthology at Easter). Everyone enjoyed the day, but as you can imagine with planning something like that the focus had to slip somewhere and for a lot of us that was the word count.

I have no idea what the group total is, but I do know mine so I thought I’d share my word count month by month over the past year.

November – 21,917

December – 19,497

January – 18,037

February – 19,888

March – 20,766

April – 33,071

May – 31,184

June – 34,552

July – 35,598

August – 32,775

September – 31,157

October – 37,344

That’s a grand total of … dramatic drum roll… 335836! That’s almost a Song of Ice and Fire novel.

Damn it, now I feel tired. Best of luck to anyone taking part in NaNoWriMo. Bye for now!

Word Count 6: The Disappearance of 5

Err…well…yeah…you see…the thing is…

Ok, ok I admit it, you caught me, I forgot to do this at the start of last month. Yeah, I don’t really have an excuse or an explanation. I mean I was just finishing up the reviews for the mountain of anime reviews that I still haven’t finished posting, but since then I’ve been working on the final draft of my novel and a couple of short stories, so it’s not like my workload is anything different this month.

Anyway, on to the actual post. For those not in know, me and the rest of the guys at the writer’s group that I’m apart of are trying to write a million words collectively in a year. My total for April was 33,071, and my total for last month was 31,184, so bumper months all round. That takes the total for the group up to 539,168, so yep, we’ve hit the halfway point of our target and have 5 months to fill out the rest. It’s looking good I’d say.

Check out the group’s blog here for tips from the group and open submissions.

And check here for details on an event the group will be holding in Sheffield in October. Write a Book in a Day people, and even though we’re still getting everything organised and nailed down, it’s looking pretty exciting.

Hopefully I won’t forget next month’s update, see you at the next post!

Word Count 4: Really Struggling To Come Up With Clever Subtitles Now

Time to check in on my word count for the month, and to see how close myself and the members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group are to writing a million words in a year.

All together we’re managed a total of 46,677, so almost a small novel, or a lengthy dissertation as I flashback to my University days. That makes the running total 289,302 since we started, leaving only 710698. It almost sounds easy when you write it like that.

My personal word count for the month is 19,888, so I’m back on track after a few months of my total steadily decreasing. We’ll have to wait ‘til next month to see whether this is just a blip or not.

Check out the writer’s group blog here for posts full of writing tips and news on conventions, open submissions and the like.

There’ll be another update in a month. See ya.

Word Count 3: Under the Editor’s Knife

Another month and another update on the mad scheme put forward by the writer’s of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group to write a million words between us in a year.

So far all together we’ve managed 242,625, so that leaves 757,375 to go. I think we’ve made pretty good progress almost making it a quarter of the way there. It’s quite amazing to think of how far we’ve come, if only because it stops me thinking about how far there is left to go.

On a personal level my word count for January was 18,037, so my monthly total is going down bit by bit. I can put this down to the fact that I’ve spent most of this last month giving the daft of my first novel a once over as opposed to writing much new stuff. So there’s been a bit more quality and less quantity, at least I hope there’s been some quality.

Head over to the group blog here to check out how everyone else got on with their word counts. Back in a month for another update.

Word Count 2:Revenge of the Punctuation

Month two of me and my fellow members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group mad scheme to write a million words between us in a year.

The running total is 188,331! Only 811,669 to go!

Personally my word count for December is 19,497, which looking at that and November looks like I can write about 20,000 words a month. Let’s see if I can keep that up for January.

Check out how everyone else did here.

Now excuse me while I go lie down.