Oh So Mysterious! The Mystery Blogger Award!


Well Curtis, aka ospreyshire, nominated me for this oh so mysterious award and all I can say is thank you! Check out his post HERE. Honestly it surprises me every time I get tagged into one of these, which is quickly followed by blind panic as I realise I don’t have the structure of a review to hide behind! But wait, there are rules! Yes! Structure! So, what do I have to do?

1. Put the award logo/image on your blog

2. List the rules

3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog

4. Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award and provide a link as well

5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people

7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)

9. Share a link to your best post(s)

First, ospreyshire‘s questions for me:

1. Where would you like to visit that you’ve never been to before?

Honestly I’m not much of a traveller, but I’ve had it on my mind for a while that at some point I would like to go…outside. Okay joking, aside there are plenty of countries I’d like to visit, but I suppose my top pick would be Japan. The only things really holding me back are, one, I’d have to sit down and actually learn Japanese rather than picking up random phrases from anime and, two, I’d need to find someone to go with me. I hate going places by myself, it’s just not as fun. I realise these are only excuses covering up my own laziness, but that’s why I’m not much of a traveller. One day I’ll do it, one day.

2. What is one movie, TV show, and/or book that you can’t stand, but everyone else likes?

You’re going to make me say it? Fine, the Harry Potter books. Saying I can’t stand them is a bit much, but I definitely have a grudge against the series that stopped me from getting into it. See I was a massive Pokemon fanatic when I was younger, and I mean colossal, yet every fandom has its day and the next big thing to come along was Harry Potter. Everyone kept going on about how good it was, but I wasn’t ready to let Pokemon go and the Potter books never really grabbed me. I know that sounds really petty and it is, I did force myself to watch all the films and they were okay. The third film is probably the closest I came to enjoying myself. At some point I’ll try reading the books again and see if I can get into them now.

3. If you could invent a language, what would you call it and how would you teach it to the world?

What I would call it would depend on what the language is. Is it a composite of other languages, is it something completely alien, is it spoken or delivered in some other manner? How I would teach it would probably be the same way I’d come up with it, I’d include it in a book. I do love language and how it’s used and while I have yet to invent an entire language for a story I’ve come up with plenty of different ways for people to communicate. For example in one short story I introduced a gelatinous species that communicated by twisting their bodies into different shapes, or in sci-fi stories I try to come up with slang or naming conventions that I think could take root in the future.

4. What is one interest or hobby that you never thought you would get into?

This is a recent hobby I’ve picked up, but I’ve recently gotten into role-playing. I’ve always wanted to join a group and give it a try, but I guess I’ve never been in the right place at the right time to find people to play with. That changed a few months back and while it’s still early in the campaign and I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m having a lot of fun.

5. How do you want to improve as a person?

I want to conquer my more self-conscious and worrywart nature, more than I already have. I’m a lot more confident and open than I used to be, but I still retreat into my comfort zone too readily. I want to take a few more risks, challenge myself a bit, maybe travel someplace. I’m getting there, slowly, but I’m getting there.

3 things about myself:

  1. Born and raised in Sheffield, United Kingdom. As the saying goes, Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, Strong in the arm, Thick in the…. ahem, finish that one for yourselves.
  2. I’m a member of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group, I’ve had several short stories published in their anthologies, most notably the ‘Ages of Escafeld’ anthologies which you can find on Amazon.
  3. At the minute I’m working on a mecha sci-fi dystopia novel, where my cynical heroine, Rosette, must enter a highly dangerous competition where pilots battle it out in fully armoured mechs for fame and fortune. Rosette’s only goal is to survive and provide for her family, something increasingly difficult in a world on the edge of war.


I hereby nominate (apologises if anyone has already been picked):







The AniMessenger

magicconan14 (Aria)



My Questions:

  1. What one show do you absolutely love, but nobody else ever talks about it or has even heard of it?
  2. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
  3. If you could visit any place, in any time period, what would it be?
  4. Which would you choose, worldwide fame and fortune, or relative obscurity and a small but dedicated fanbase?
  5. What is the question? (This is the weird question or is it?)

My Best Posts:

I’m really bad at appreciating my own stuff, I have a tendency to just pick out all the flaws, but these are the ones I’m most proud of at the moment,

The Promised Neverland – I was surprised by the response this one got, I worked hard to keep it as spoiler-free as possible and somehow managed it.

Put a Tune to it: Western Songs for Anime – This was a lot of fun to do, the songs came to me pretty quickly and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island – I’m a huge One Piece fan and I haven’t really had enough of a chance to talk about the series on here and it was great to talk about one of my favourite films.

That’s it for this post, I’ll be back in a few days with another one.

Chris Joynson, aka the Infallible Fish, is a writer, blogger and lover of animation living in Sheffield. The blog updates every Friday.


  1. ospreyshire · March 4, 2020

    Sugoi yo, Chris! Hahaha! After you talked about visiting Japan, I felt like I had to bust out some Japanese for you. For real, it would be a country in my top 10 that I’d like to visit. Besides Tokyo, I’d like to see Kyoto, Osaka, Sendai, and Saitama as far as major cities are concerned all for different reasons.

    Don’t feel bad about being nary about Harry Potter. I was never a fan of the books or movies, too. Like you, I was also a Pokemaniac back during the Red and Blue years. Okay, I liked Digimon, too, but I guess we’re alike in that way. Funny enough, a few months back, I actually saw a Pokemon cosplay wrestling match on YouTube which was hilarious.

    Gelatinous types twisting as a form of language? That’s actually very creative! I also hope you write that sci-fi novel. I would certainly like to read it as a fellow author who’s done some self-publishing.

    Granted, I’ve never been to the UK before, it would be cool to visit there since I know people in the different countries there. What’s Sheffield like?

    Liked by 2 people

    • neverarguewithafish · March 4, 2020

      Domo arigato! Now I have to find that video of Pokemon cosplayers wrestling.

      I think Sheffeild is fairly average by UK city standards, the city’s kind of a patchwork of new and old. There’s a lot of new office buildings and the like going up at the minute, which clashes a bit with some of the older, slightly dilapidated buildings. We also have lots of hills. We’re not as shiny or as big as some cities, but I’ve lived here all my life I can’t imagine ever moving.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ospreyshire · March 4, 2020

        Dou Itashimashite! Here’s the video in case you’re wondering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh152pJM4nA

        Truth be told, I’ve been getting into the indie BritWres scene over the past year. The guy dressed up as Charizard is Eddie Dennis who’s a wrestler from Swansea (or Cinnabar Island in this case), Wales who used to be a head teacher at a boarding school before wrestling full-time. I actually reviewed his documentary late 2018 which lead me to this rabbit hole of sorts. I never thought this would be an interest since I typically like more artsier or geeky things. Hahaha!

        Gotcha. I was just curious. It’s fine if there’s some cool stuff going on. I’ve never lived in one city or town my entire life, so that is foreign to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • neverarguewithafish · March 4, 2020

        I’m not normally into wrestling, but that was pretty fun. Pikachu certainly knows how to make an entrance.

        I told you I wasn’t much of a traveller. Once I get comfortable it’s hard to get me to move.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ospreyshire · March 4, 2020

        That’s totally fine. That match was certainly funny. I certainly noticed that about Mark Andrews/Pikachu. He gets huge reactions when he’s in Wales given he’s from Cardiff.

        Sure and I can see where you’re coming from with that. I would like to travel more, but it’s rough given my work schedule.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Irina · March 4, 2020

    Oh wow Osprey had some great questions and the answers were such a good read. And I look forward to answering your own great questions some of which got me stumped!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. terranceacrow · March 6, 2020

    Congratulations on the nomination!

    ” For example in one short story I introduced a gelatinous species that communicated by twisting their bodies into different shapes, ”

    My favorite sci-fi author is David Brin, and he has some of the best aliens and languages of anyone I’ve read. The method the hydrogen breathers used to communicate with us oxygen breathers was particularly interesting! What you’ve come up with sounds right in line with that. Very cool!

    And thanks for the tag! Interesting questions… Not sure how I’ll tackle the last one. I mean, I don’t think you’re talking about Scooter… But I’ll try to come up with something that’s presentable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • neverarguewithafish · March 6, 2020

      Thanks. I’ve not read any David Brin, but I’ll put him on the list. I’m trying to read more sci-fi at the minute.

      Looking forward to your answers!

      Liked by 1 person

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