Word Count: This Time This Year

Okay, this one’s kind of gotten away from me over the past few months. Last year me and my fellow members of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group set out to write a million words between ourselves in a year. We started in conjuncture with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and now it’s a year later and NaNoWriMo is upon us again.

Of course a lot can happen in a year and in fairness the last few months have been rather hectic as our little group did hold our own event for a day in Sheffield. It was a bit like a convention in a day, we had some talks from Theresa Derwin, we had workshops and in the end offered up a shared world we’d put together for people to write short stories about (Which will all hopefully be coming out in an anthology at Easter). Everyone enjoyed the day, but as you can imagine with planning something like that the focus had to slip somewhere and for a lot of us that was the word count.

I have no idea what the group total is, but I do know mine so I thought I’d share my word count month by month over the past year.

November – 21,917

December – 19,497

January – 18,037

February – 19,888

March – 20,766

April – 33,071

May – 31,184

June – 34,552

July – 35,598

August – 32,775

September – 31,157

October – 37,344

That’s a grand total of … dramatic drum roll… 335836! That’s almost a Song of Ice and Fire novel.

Damn it, now I feel tired. Best of luck to anyone taking part in NaNoWriMo. Bye for now!

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